Let's See Your Lips

Individuals and groups are encouraged to make a pair of K.I.S.S. © LIPS.
Just design a pair of lips of your own, be creative (kiss a post-it if you must)
Let's make wellness improving fun lets all Pin on our LIPS and pass it on
because the lips are a reminder to breathe deep and stand tall.

Do this as your first 21 day goal For your health and to feel good about yourself.

Accomplishing goals can be difficult, but it has been said that if you do something for just
21 days in a row, you can make or break a habit.

All you have to do is...

1) Read the Jabez prayer once a day, it's a 15 second escape from your busy day.
Learn how to Become One With Your Center Connect To Your Personal Higher Power.

2) Jot down all your wishes, wants, and dreams. Review daily.
Skip lines to post smiley faces beside your wishes, wants, and dreams that came true.