Mayor's Proclamation

 WHEREAS;    The President’s Council on Physical Fitness was formed 45 years ago with goals to improve our nation’s health, yet many of us today stubbornly relish in a sluggish sedentary lifestyle, slowly and collectively becoming more and more unhealthy, and farther away from our goals, and

WHEREAS;     Colin Powell suggests we can long sustain our sense of being one nation and one people, by unanimously agreeing to VOLUNTEER  to a minded goal, ...... activated into reality thru a grass roots movement.  

                         Our National motto is E pluribus unum,  out of many one.  United we stand, together we win, and

WHEREAS;     The K.I.S.S.© THEORY FOUNDATION is offering a  one minded goal.   Our program is called

                          THE K.I.S.S.© LIP CHALLENGE … All we ask from each of you is to  VOLUNTEER to be a….. Posture    Breathin’     Buddy.  

                            Just wear your K.I.S.S. © LIP creation  24-7-21 , then when we see each other at McDonalds,    church, work, or play, our lip creations will instantly remind us>>>>>>>>>>>                                      to do a posture check and take a deep energizing breath,  stuff most of us know we should be doing all the time anyway,  but somehow we just keep forgetting…………..

WHY SHOULD all of us commit to the wearin' of the lips.......24-7-21…? ? ?


  NOW THEREFORE: I,  Judith A. Anderson, Mayor of the City Terre Haute, do hereby proclaim St. Valentine’s Day, the 14th of February, 2003 as the official 3rd annual kick off date for Wabash Valley’s very own

   . . .  K.I.S.S. © LIP CHALLENGE  . .

and all we ask  of  the 281,367 citizens, of the Wabash Valley is to please… VOLUNTEER NOW……. By wearing K.I.S.S. © LIPS we can improve posture and breathing habits, which in turn will provide more energy, increased self esteem, less illness, higher job productively, thus reducing insurance costs and leaving more money for research.  How much more could we ask for?   The universe is our limit.

 Pledge today to Give a Buck  once a year, and wear a K.I.S.S. © LIP CREATION . . 24-7-21.  Remember the CONNECTION>>>>>>>>>>>>Oprah wrote about it>>>>>>>>>>>>>>         


………… BE A Posture Breathin’ Buddy…… Spread the word…………

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused

The Great Seal of the City of Terre Haute to be affixed, this the 13th

day of February in the year of Our Lord, two thousand and three.